That’s it folks! Here our DAY 2 starts! GL for us! Well, I was in the big blind with 250,000 chips and the blind was 4,000 2-4 The table was 5-handed, it’s 6 MAX tournament, but the table was 5-handed. Well, UTG opened 10,000. UTG was the only guy that covered me on the table He had 270 Everybody had less than me But not so much, but a little bit less.

He opened 10,000 Me in big… KK, re-raised it to 35. Then… he thought and set it to 100,000. Leaving 170 behind I thought for a while, like, his size was really high Very high! He was in position I thought about flatting to diminish the AK variance But at the same time, there were QQ But, unfortunately, he was potential guy to fold It’s difficult but he could make 100 to fold and keep 170.

He had potential for that playing the pay by phone casinos canada, I know that! Not that I was guessing it, I didn’t have this feeling that time I wasn’t thinking it’d be light But it could be AK… AK There was a big chance of being AK Telling myself: – I’ll go for it, dude! And… I set him an ALL-IN – Ei, olha aqui um parceiro de jogo! – Sim, você joga bem!

– Mandou bem! – Obrigado, senhor! Bem, eu sou um bom jogador, mas não deu hoje. Then I set him in a… Well, this guys is at my table He has 220-210, he’s the third in chips. And, I set him an ALL-IN He called I showed KK and he showed AA And then, that was end of the 6-MAX bracelet dream But… …as I’m not leaving home, I’m just going to my bedroom There’ll be a lot of games ahead, folks! It’s part of our, professional life, facing these moments It’s not easy from 1,750 active players, I busted in the 53rd position And I was top 15 in chips, for sure!

Playing my A-Game But often playing poker, you play your best doesn’t mean you’re gonna be the best Cards interfere many times, and it’s all part of it And we need to know how to deal with that! Now it’s a sad moment, of course, because I’m sad, disappointed… it’s normal But I need to learn how to manage it, so it doesn’t interfere in tomorrow’s tournament Because tomorrow is a brand new day, another tournament… and this one’s already gone! Nothing more than telling you what happened… …will change! It’s already gone! It’s over!

Turning over a new leaf For whom already have placed 8th in a Final WSOP main event table, paying $10 million for the 1st… …and still lives with it, stilly, normally… I’m gonna live well with that… I’m gonna chill today And tomorrow, everything comes back again 50 to 100 blinds, 7,500 chips That’s it! Let’s go! In our profession, we need to be pretty sure It hasn’t been the first and it’s not going to be the last time. One more DAY 2 to count!

It’s not an ITM yet, but… …we’ll come back on Monday, because tomorrow is the DAY 1B And we’ll come back practically with an ITM I’m really happy! This is “Millionaire Maker” It guarantees 1 million for its champion Like Colossus, we almost got there But this time, we’ll make it! Root for us because we’re back on Monday! Let’s go! – Você joga poker? – Meu namorado joga!

– Você estão no DIA 2 do Millionaire Maker? – Sim, ele está! – Ele está! – Legal!

– Estou jogando o “The Marathon” – Ah, legal! Boa sorte! – Obrigado!

This is Vegas, folks! – Pode ir, você primeiro! Here we go now! Me and Garridão! He’s passed to DAY 2 in Millionaire Maker… but I hasn’t So now I’ll start “The Marathon” It’s really a marathon structure… there’ll be 5-tournament days There’ll be 5-tournament days with 100-minute blinds It has a very good structure, with 26,000 chips, so it’s really good to… Look who’s there, waiting on the line! Look who’s there about to have breakfast!

– Let’s go Chenaudzinho! – Let’s go! – Are you in “The Marathon”? – Yeah…

The Marathon! Let’s go! Let’s go! 5-event days! Go, go, go! Now let’s root for Garridão!

Because he’s almost getting an ITM And he owns all the good vibes today! $1 million guaranteed for its champion This tournament really interests me and there are 1,000 people left And 25 more to ITM, I mean, the game starts in 20 minutes, that’s why we ‘re good with 40 blinds, 45… We’re really calm And look, it’s possible to listen to “Ecstasy of Gold” Everyday, 5 minutes before the tournaments start here in Vegas. In both DAY 1 and 2, they play this song and this song really impresses me, I love it! At home, every time I play “Grind Online”, to start feeling this Vegas Vibe, I play this song I have it on my computer 5 minutes before starting the grind, to feel the same vibe of being in Vegas It gives me some energy and power This song is awesome! Folks, root for me! Let’s go!

I’ll start arranging my chips here. Let’s face them! Hey guys, that’s Millionaire Maker! One dinner break more! Around 340 players left.. out of more than 7,700 who have joined the tournament It’s another tournament that we’re going far and really happy for that First in Colossus, 18,000 people, we busted in the 57th Then 6-MAX, 1,700 people, we busted in the 65th And now this one with more than 7,000 people we’re already on the final stretch and it’s been tight now The happiness I feel on this final stretch is huge!

I’m really happy for these first 10 days in Vegas There’ll be 45 days, which means it’s only in the beginning And we already have this result… This amount… I’m really, really happy! All vibes, people from Brazil are sending us, are helping a lot I thank you all! And look, I’ll show you something! A sweatshirt, Samba Team I’ll take this opportunity to send Samba Team crew some hugs!

Awesome poker team! To all my friends H. Neves, Kovalski And one in special to my mentors, the guys who teach me a lot everyday Kelvin and Cheveau, two partners and brothers that poker gave me Thank them a lot for all lessons and I see the results at the table Guys, keep rooting for us, because the vibe is really good… awesome! And our stay in Vegas will be awesome!

For sure! Big hug! Let’s go Gustavão! One DAY 2 more! Look how pleasant it is!

Dude, how it’s pleasant! The day was tough, dude! Holy crap, I’m packing chips 58,000 chips aka 72 big blinds É um pra mim, um pra dentro E um pra você. – Obrigado, irmão! – Obrigado!

O papel branco pra você! Amarelo dentro do saco! – Guardem seus recibos para amanhã! – Ótimo!

One DAY 2 more! I’m really happy! It was a tough DAY 2 The game started today at 11 am, now it’s exactly midnight It was a 13-hour game, in a crazy week in a row And we’ve got to DAY 2…

Damn, going to far! Thank God! I’m not complaining. One more! Let’s go! That’s it Gustavão!

One more DAY 2 to count, dude! It was a tough day, damn! Really tough! The structure is better, but dude, they put us to play for 13 hours It’s tough man! We’re already coming from a sequence of games But I’m happy man! I have nothing to complain!

Quite the opposite, I’m thankful, dude! But if I have to play 12, 13 hours everyday to pass DAY 2, to get an ITM To get to a FT and to stand a chance of winning a bracelet I’m here for that! What’s up, guys! Look.

I’m buying an acquisition for my personal deck collection. I have a collection with more than 400 decks and when I spoted this: Cards used at the WSOP. card sleeves, all autenticated by the WSOP I’m taking one as souvenir and will do a promotion to all my Instagram followers. My account is displayed here. I will give away one of these to one of the people that likes my post about this 3rd episode and the winner will be able to chose the card he wants. So first the raffle and then the winner choses the prefered card.

then I’ll ship it to the winner’s home as a souvenir. So give a like, send good vibes and let’s go!