The plan is to start a Kickstarter and releasing, at least in some form, in 2019. So we’ll get a closer look at metropolitan then. Continuing the urban city-builders we’ve got Citybound by AE Play. An open-source, multiplayer city-building game by a single developer, Citybound is aiming to simulate complexity to do with everything in the city, – – including individual families, resources they need and day to day activities. Zone, build infrastructure, manage your budget and do all the expected things of an urban city builder, – – but this kind of game, at least right, now is more of a tech demo really and the visuals alone aren’t going to be attracting that many people to it. The niche audience it has attracted is supportive enough to keep it funded though, – – and it being an open source development means it could go anywhere in the future. Citybound could lead to an entirely new kind of city building game and you can check it out now, if it seems like something that’s up your alley… And now for a world of pigs in Ymir by Ronchipork. A kind of MMO, 4X, city-builder with strategy, resource management, diplomacy and pigs.

Made by a solo developer again, and in close testing now, Amir has been working on persistent multiplayer servers with up to a hundred players, – – where you can explore the world map, colonize new lands and conquer the neighbors. Although it might look like an old Impressions game at first glance, it doesn’t use the walker system, and it’s actually more like Caesar 1, than it is Caesar 3. Development can be a little slow at times but it has consistently been getting updates with the road map detailing, more diplomacy, – – trade, economic and military improvements. Some might feel that the game is too slow but if you like the fundamentals, then you could spend countless hours with Ymir. Then we go back in time for a few games starting with Neolithic by Alex T Harvey. Build cities and civilizations in Neolithic and advance The Late Bronze Age. Choose a civ, pick where to build your city on the world map, craft, build, farm and all that’s required to survive and grow. Made by a single person, development can take some time but the game has progressed significantly over the past year.

Characters have needs, strategic positional combat, detailed city planning, and lots of customization are promised. The visual style is a kind of painted look, that does set it apart from other games. It raised A$13,000 dollars on Kickstarter, and dev updates are regular enough. aiming to release into Steam early access, we should get a better look at Neolithic once it’s a bit more ready Then we have dawn of man by Madruga Works. From the creators of Planetbase, lead an ancient human settlement through the ages as they struggle to survive. Hunt, gather, craft and fight as you discover new technologies and last against the harsh environment.