Going from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, you’ll be able to build megalith structures and tame the land around you. Dawn of man should be coming to Steam in early 2019, after going through a closed beta. So they should have time to smooth out the gameplay. Still in the past, we’ve got Ancient Cities by Uncasual Games. Starting with a nomadic tribe you establish a village and grow your civilization in this strategy, survival, city-builder, also said in the Neolithic era. Manage resources, develop technologies and faced enemies as you build your city in antiquity. A living environment with seasons and ecosystems, along with the world map have also been shown. It raised 125,000€ on Kickstarter but development is somewhat delayed. They are working towards a beta, which is where we’ll know if things are panning out. So if you like how ancient cities looks, keep an eye on it Next we go to ancient Egypt with Hard Ancient Life by Small Abandoned Pixel Studio. The city building genre is no stranger to notable Egyptian themed games with Pharaoh and Children Of The Nile, and Hard Ancient Life is looking to add to the collection.

Rule as Pharaoh and raze cities, live on the Nile, trade, construct monuments and worship gods. It’s a smaller one person development and it’s taken some time to get to where it is now. We’ve been shown some glimpses of gameplay, and the aim is to release in the early access on Steam by 2019. It would take a lot of work to get Hard Ancient Life to where it needs to be, so whether the developer is up to the task is left to be seen… Next we go to the Wild West with Depraved by Evil Bite. Banished has clearly inspired many new games and some are trying what it did best while setting themselves apart. Depraved released into early access and it kind of feels like Banished, set in the Wild West, with some Rim World story and gameplay elements. You establish a town, survive the environment, defend against raiders and grow to attract higher class citizens. It can feel a little clunky at times, but if development continues with its current frequency then depraved could turn out to be something special down the road.

And then we have Atomic Society by Far Road Games Another game that looks to be inspired by Banished, this one has surprised many after releasing into early access on Steam. It’s basically a Fallout city-builder, and that’s something that a lot of people have been asking for for a long time. Establish a town, scavenge resources, try to provide for everyone, legislate moral and ethical issues, defend against raiders and watch people die. Still being a bit bare-bones at the start of early access, there is a lot of potential routes this game could go, and it’s off to a strong start. How it develops over the next year remains to be seen, but if you’re looking at all for something like a Fallout city-builder, keep an eye on Atomic Society.